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How and Where to Sell Richard Mille for Cash

Can you resell a Richard Mille?

Enthusiasts and collectors buy and sell Richard Mille watches for their appealing designs and innovative complications. Once you consign a Richard Mille watch, our specialists will suggest the optimal location and timing to sell your wristwatch.

Does Richard Mille have resale value?

One brand in particular, Richard Mille, is renowned for its luxurious timepieces and craftsmanship. Not only do these watches look stunning on the wrist but they also prove to have excellent resale value due to their high quality build and reliable performance.

What is the price max for a Richard Mille?

Richard Mille retail prices range between $60,000 – $1,300,000 MSRP. The average Richard Mille watch costs approximately $200,000 at retail MSRP. Complications, materials, and limited edition collections are all factors that contribute to how much a Richard Mille watch costs.

Why is it so hard to get a Richard Mille?

Fewer than 5,000 Richard Mille watches are made annually. For a young brand, that is a relatively high number of pieces, yet demand for the watches consistently outstrips production. Strong prices at auction continue to reflect this trend.

How do you authenticate Richard Mille?

Each Richard Mille timepiece is accompanied by a unique warranty card embedded with a holographic security seal on its surface issued by our manufacture in Les Breuleux, Switzerland. In addition, this document is signed and dated by the official Richard Mille boutique staff at the time of purchase.